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Waterdeep – City of Splendors
The city has thrived for centuries, a testament to human ingenuity. It grew from unknown origins to become the largest population city in the realms. Mad geniuses, savvy entrepreneurs, ambitious guilds, powerful mages and countless others from every race have shaped the city to what is today.

Or Was…

Something changed. A plague swept the city, ancient protections log forgotten have been raised and the city has become a prison to any unfortunate enough to get caught up in it.

A group of strangers in the wrong place have been thrown together, and whereas this group would have not had anything to do with one another before, would have never looked twice at the other; they are now forced to rely on each other and trust the others in order to simply survive.

What was once a thriving metropolis is a prison of disease, ambition, chaos and murder. Can they survive?

Can they escape…?

Home Page

Waterdeep Fallen Crucible